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Speed and usability of a desktop client.

Employees need to access their email from wherever they happen to be – on the road, at customer sites, remote offices, and at home. Users who need remote access to their email often include customer-facing sales and support personnel, who need to stay connected and informed to be responsive to customers. The problem is, most web clients have slow performance and limited functionality. Scalix Web Access is different. It is an AJAX-based web client that delivers the look and feel, usability and performance of a desktop application.

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How does Scalix Web Access perform so much faster than other web clients? Through a unique caching architecture. It performs the majority of tasks using cache, including sorting, searching, and displaying messages. This provides instant response to user actions and eliminates slow, server-side processing and the delays caused by transmission across a network. The result is an extremely responsive web email and calendaring experience, even when using congested or low bandwidth network connections.

AJAX-Based Web Client

The vast majority of web clients use a traditional, page-based design. This hamstrings performance because the entire page must reloaded/repainted when a change is made, such as when messages are moved or deleted. Scalix Web Access presents messages, folders and contacts through a single scrollable and searchable list, which provides a significant increase in speed and usability for corporate users who typically have hundreds or even thousands of items in their mailbox.

Scalix Web Access provides popular and familiar desktop-like features including a three-pane user interface, pull-down menus and right click and mouseover capabilities. Users can drag-and-drop messages, meeting appointments and contacts exactly the same way they do in their desktop mail client. Users familiar with Microsoft Outlook will be immediately productive with Scalix Web Access, without the need for any training.

Rich Interoperability

Scalix Web Access offers rich interoperability with Microsoft Outlook and Evolution, enabling users to work interchangeably between their web and desktop clients for a fully synchronized view of their mail, calendar and contact data. Scalix Web Access runs on Windows, Linux and Mac desktops. It requires no Java or browser plug-in. It provides a consistent user experience across different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox).

Scalix Web Access operates in two modes, depending on user type. It provides email and personal calendaring to Standard Users. It provides all of its rich group calendaring and collaboration features to Premium Users. Many organizations have a segment of employees that are fully productive with Standard User capabilities. Since Standard Users are free, provisioning this segment of employees as Standard Users can save significant costs. Providing them with Scalix Web Access as their email client brings further savings, as it eliminates not only the desktop client license fee but also the need to manage desktops. Some positions commonly configured as Standard Users include manufacturing plant employees and retail store personnel.